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Guide how to win the Mega Moolah Jackpot

The jackpot king Mega Moolah is an online slot machine from Microgaming. If you want to win the largest possible amount of money then my guide to Mega Moolah is for you. This Africa themed slot machine is widely known for making ordinary people into millionaires in one quick spin. Here at I share my best tips and tricks regarding all aspects of Mega Moolah!

So join me for a jackpot hunt on the savannah! In this Mega Moolah slot strategy-review, you can learn more about how to win Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah strategies and much more.

If you don’t quite know how Mega Moolah works yet I recommend you to read my Mega Moolah review!

Trigger the Mega Moolah Jackpot

How to trigger the mega moolah jackpot wheelWell, to be able to win the jackpot there’s one simple, yet important thing you have to do. You have to trigger the jackpot wheel bonus game feature.

Each spin has a chance of triggering the wheel but you can impact your chances of triggering the wheel by your bet size. The bigger the bet size the larger the chance of triggering the jackpot wheel. Once inside the jackpot wheel feature you will have the same odds as everyone else to trigger the mega jackpot regardless of bet size.

Apart from changing your bet, there is no real “secret hack” to increases your chances or probabilities of winning the jackpot.

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The strategy of when to play Mega Moolah

There are several different Mega Moolah tips and strategies on when you should start playing. All the strategies revolve around a certain way to play but in the end there is no right or wrong time to play. Below I will list three current strategies but feel free to make your own!

The Average Jackpot Strategy

This strategy revolves around the idea that the jackpot will most likely trigger around the average jackpot size. So according to this strategy it is best to start playing this slot machine when the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is just below $6,428,914 which is the average jackpot amount. Extremes might take place in the form of very high jackpots or very low ones but since these are as the name suggests, extremes, they are quite rare and most jackpots will be around the average jackpot amount.

The Scheduled Play Strategy

Mega Moolah is a game of chance meaning each spin has a chance to trigger the jackpot wheel and each spin on the jackpot wheel has a chance to trigger the mega jackpot. Logically this means the more spins the higher the chance of winning the jackpot.

This strategy revolves around maximizing the amount of spins you have and spreading out your spins while the jackpot is constantly increasing. With this strategy you can start playing whenever you want, all you need to do is make a schedule. The schedule should include a spending limit so you don’t go broke playing everyday!

I have used this strategy before, playing for around ₹200 a day. I made a schedule trying to spread out the times where I played so each day was slightly different. Since INR is not available to play with at the moment I decided to play with US dollars at the lowest bet amount, 0.25 USD. This gave me a total of 12 spins each day, meaning 12 chances a day to win the jackpot!

I used this strategy for two months. Sadly no jackpot but a lot of nice Free Spin wins!

Now what if you win a lot but not the jackpot? Well, that is up to you want you want to do. The ₹200 a day was a limit I set so I didn’t spend to much, if I won money I let myself spend it however I wanted, usually more spins!

Bonus Money Big Bets Strategy

Like I previously mentioned bigger bets will give you higher chances of triggering the jackpot wheel so of course there is a strategy for that as well. Since the biggest bet size is 6.25 it would be quite hard to play this continuously with your own real money and that’s why you should play it with Deposit Bonus money.

Bonus money from online casinoBonus money big bets strategy is pretty self explanatory, all you do this place the biggest bets possible with your bonus money to be able to trigger the jackpot wheel more frequently which will give you more chances of winning the jackpot! You can read more about how to get the best deposit bonuses here.

Mega Moolah Mobile

An interesting fact is that since the release of the mobile version in 2012 the majority of the jackpot wins have been won on a mobile. 25 wins out of 39 so 64% have been won on a mobile to be exact!

So, does playing the mobile versions increase my chances of winning in Mega Moolah?

Hmm, no, unfortunately not.

But then why are there more players winning on there mobiles? The reason could be because of two different reasons, the majority of the players prefer the mobile version and thus increasing the probability of a mobile winner or your just more lucky with your mobile. In the end, the real reason doesn’t really matter since both are positive! So grab your Android, iPhone or even your tablet and enjoy the chance of being the next mobile jackpot winner!

Top 5 reasons to play Mega Moolah

  1. The life-changing jackpot
  3. 100% safe
  4. Entertaining main game
  5. Well designed

All I can say after my Mega Moolah strategy run down “is what are you waiting for?!” This jackpot slot game has all the ingredients needed to be called a highly entertaining slot and even though I already mentioned it a few times I get so excited I can’t emphasize it enough, it can be life-changing!