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mega moolah biggest jackpot

Mega Moolah Winner stories

Mega Moolah has changed the lives of millions of people since its start. For some lucky Mega Moolah jackpot winners not only their lives have been changed but they have won so much money that they can change the lives of dear loved ones and even give future generations an amazing start.

Below you can see the ten largest jackpots so you can appreciate their size! You can see the original currency amount and the amount translated in both INR and in USD, since the jackpot tracker is in USD.

Original Jackpot Jackpot amount in INR Jackpot Amount in USD
GBP 13,213,838.68 1 133 691 459,39 16 464 211,33
CAD 20,059,287.27 1 049 425 181,84 15 239 992,7
USD 12,945,668.34 885 313 102,19 12,945,668.34
EUR 8,012,153.35 616 883 805,30 8 958 527,82
CAD 11,633,898.44 608 556 137,08 8 837 591,51
CAD 11,610,536.59 607 418 840,61 8 820 941,97
EUR 7,742,015.53 596 084 931,63 8 656 350,84
GBP 5,883,044.00 504 740 313 7 329 843,46
CAD 9,572,948.34 500 750 157,45 7 271 898,38
GBP 5,543,986.99 475 650 570 6 907 401,94

As you can see these are some pretty crazy jackpot sizes. All the Mega Moolah winners above are financially independent meaning they don’t ever have to go back to a job they don’t like!

Mega Moolah Jackpot Winners

Mega Moolah biggest win is also the most famous. In October of 2015 Jon Heywood, a war veteran from Great Britain, not only managed to win the jackpot but a record jackpot. His jackpot of £13,213,838 was the largest online jackpot ever won and got recorded as such in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mega Moolah winner

Jon Heywood is static when he talks about his record jackpot “I didn’t believe it at first but then I saw that I had successfully withdrawn £13,213,838!” Mr. Heywood says that his win was life changing. Watch him talk about his experiences after his jackpot below.

Rawiri Pou is another Mega Moolah winner from New Zealand. At the time of his win he was working in a fast-food chain so his transition from low income worker to millionaire is surreal to say the least! Mr. Pou himself explains “One day I was working as a fast-food worker and the next day I’m a millionaire with NZ$10,144,395 on my account. This money is literally going to change my life! With this money I can do so much for myself and my family. We are overwhelmed but we have never been this happy!”

Mega Moolah winner from New Zealand

Radoslaw is a polish Mega Moolah winner that got his Jackpot win on the 5th of October 2009. Mr Radoslaw won US$1.2 million and he explains “The jackpot made it possible for me to marry my girlfriend, book our dream honeymoon and finally live the life we always dreamed about!” Must have been one amazing wedding!

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Another winner from the UK is John Orchard who on the 9th of December 2012 won a whooping £5.88 million. Mr. Orchard explains that he usually plays Bingo but on that night he decided to play some slot spins. I have a feeling that Mr. Orchard prefers jackpot slot machines to bingo nowadays!

Mega Moolah winner from United Kingdom

Another memorable Mega Moolah winner is Klaus from Finland who won US$5.5 million on a 0.50c coin bet. In just one spin he won 11 million times his money. That is the beauty of this amazing jackpot slot. All spins on the Jackpot Wheel, no matter the bet size, have the same chance of winning the Jackpot. The one thing bet size can affect though is how often the Jackpot Wheel trigger. If you learn more about this check out my article on how to trigger the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel!

Klaus won his jackpot at an Australian Casino that was so proud that they had their very own Mega Moolah winner. So as if the Jackpot win wasn’t enough Klaus also got treated to travel to Australia from Finland by the casino to pick up his check in person! Below you can see Klaus describing his experience winning the jackpot.

Not a lot is known about Mega Moolah latest winner since some of the winners decide to remain anonymous. The only thing you need to think about regarding this question is whether you would remain anonymous or make your jackpot win public!

Mega Moolah Indian Winners

To this day there hasn’t been any Indian Mega Moolah winners. Then again, I believe that with the increasing popularity here in India it is only a matter of time until we have a Indian Mega Moolah winner! I keep imagining what I would do if I had won the Jackpot!

Let’s say I won the average jackpot size of £6,428,914. There is no end to the things I would be able to do! Firstly I would buy myself a “treat”, most probably a car. To be honest I am tired of driving around my Tata Indica V2. I think I would buy a Aston Martin Vantage, I can´t stop thinking about since I saw one on the street the other day. It would cost me around 2.9 crore which is £344 131 meaning I still have more than 6 million pounds left.

Aston martin vantage

After that I would upgrade where I live. I have always wanted to live in Malabar Hills in Mumbai with all the rich and famous so I would definitely move there. I don’t want a too big property but I have always wanted a nice view so I would buy an apartment. The ones I have been looking at are around 2000sq ft with complete sea and city view and cost around 15 crore which is £1 748 974.

After buying my dream car and dream apartment, which is also a good investment, I still have £4 335 809 to spend on whatever I want, amazing! As you see there is no end to what you can do if you win the Mega Moolah Jackpot.

What would you spend your money on?